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How we prepare our artisan ice cream

The ingredients that make up all our blends are: sucrose, dextrose, glucose, carob flour and guar flour, eggs criogelate granules, whole milk, skimmed milk powder for milk blends, fresh yoghurt, vanilla berries, cocoa and chocolate, honey cookies fruit etc. ..


Our milk blends are produced according to tradition. The main ingredients are hot pasteurised and then matured in the pasteurizers for at least 6 hours. In that way the mixtures have enough time to amalgamate and to gain the creaminess characteristic of a good artisan ice cream.


For fruity flavor we made a sugar syrup that is subsequently added to fruit and water in order to balance the different recipes without the addition of any milk or milk derivate.


Once ready, the blends are inserted into the blender, (horizontal to vertical). The blender cools the liquid mixture and, using an internal mixer, it transforms the blends from liquid to solid, freezing the part of water and holding the air that makes the ice cream so pasty and creamy.

Once blended, the mixtures are inserted in a chiller, in that way both structure and taste of the ice cream remain unchanged while exposed in the showcase. For those who would like to assist to the production of our ice cream, we often organize visits to our laboratory available for schools or groups. For  further information, please contact us.


For a better quality control, we use the systematic preventative approach to food safety HACCP and we periodically analyze our products by BAV INSTITUT, thereby we can always guarantee a safe food hygiene to our customers.




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